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Moving home can be an expensive time, even when you are moving locally. Everyone recognizes that, and it’s why some people can look to save some money by doing the move themselves.


Again, completely understandable but, we could contest, a bit of a false economy. Of course, we would say that – we’re a moving company!


The fact is though; there are a lot more considerations to moving than simply financial.

Your Local Movers!

There are several reasons in fact that we could think of why you should consider hiring us to provide you with professional assistance during your move, reasons such as:


Not only to you, but also to your friends and family! Let's face it, even with the best will in the world you won’t be able to move on your own – that’s true even when we’re talking local moves. Family and friends may well have the goodwill to offer to help, however that goodwill is going to be stretched pretty thin – no matter how many pizzas you promise at the end of the day, and how much beer you’ve tucked away in a cooler! Hire professionals and keep that stress under control.

Protect Your Possessions

Packing items so they are safe for transport is the key to a successful home move – and it can be harder to do than you may assume. We bring professional experience and knowledge to the packing process. This means that not only do you get the peace of mind of knowing your most treasured possessions are safely packed and ready to go, it is also a huge time saver. Don’t underestimate how much time it will take to even pack a small amount of possessions properly.

Protect Yourself

Home moves can be dangerous, there’s no two ways about it. You are taking about moving potentially very heavy and bulky objects sometimes up and down multiple stairs, across uneven sidewalks and up into and down from vehicles. That can be a recipe for disaster not only for things you own but also for yourself. Thousands of Americans injure themselves in home moves every year. We’re not just talking traumatic injury like dropping a Refrigerator on your foot – people can get back injuries that plague them for the rest of their lives by using poor lifting practices. Is that risk work saving a few bucks?

Everything You Need In One Package

Finally, by bringing us in you can rest easy in the knowledge we will bring everything you need to complete your move as stress free as possible. That is packing material, it is a suitably sized vehicle, it is strapping and wrapping to secure bulky items and it the knowledge, experience and superior customer service of our staff that is going to help your home move go like clockwork.

There are probably a whole host of other reasons that we’re not covering here – but could certainly be vouched for by the hundreds of people we have successfully helped to move over the years.

If you want to know how we can help to make your move as smooth and painless as possible, contact us today for a commitment free quote. 

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